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Sundial Hourglass Michigan Chronoscope - Stories on the fringe of history
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Wright is Wrong, Mystery Airship, Killer Cougars, Giant Rabbits, Michigan Caves, Islands from Space, Flying Squirrels, Bogus Archeology, Gold in the River, Michigan Cactus, Foolish Fire, Pileated Woodpecker Lost Newaygo Treasure, Bigfoot in Michigan, Passenger Pigeons, Jesse James In Morley, Dog-Man, Thunderbird, Great Lakes Serpents, Midwest Earthquakes, Ghost Towns, Michigan Oil Boom, Insect Eating Plants, Prehistoric Monsters
Chronoscope III - Singapore Michigan, Capone's Croton Hideout, Poverty Island, King of Beaver Island, Chief White Cloud, Mississippi Bubble, Michigan Waterfalls, Michigan Fossils, Michigan Fires, Michigan Prairies, Chicken Scratch, Michigan Black Widow Chronoscope IV -Devil's Lake, Indian Giants, Mysterious Lake Michigan, Le Nain Rouge, Paul Bunyan, Sleeping Bear Dune, Valley of the Giants, History of Antique Bottles, Michigan Salt Mines, Kitch-iti-kipi, Eastern Massasauga, Osage Orange