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Hopsfield Farm Newaygo Michigan
A small scale, diversified, sustainable, organic farm


Contact Hopsfield Farms by email, text or phone call. Your email, calls and text messages are to our parent company Freehold Group Ventures. When texting or calling by phone, please specify that you are calling about the Hopsfield Farm Division of FGV. Emails are sent directly to Hopsfield Farm so there is no need to specify what division you are emailing.

Business inquires are welcome however spam emails, texts, or phone calls are not and will be ignored. All correspondence will be recorded and filed. Any and all customer information is strictly confidential and will not be shared or made public.

Hopsfield farm is located in Newaygo County Michigan between Croton and Howard City. To avoid junk mail and unauthorized internet publishing, Hopsfield Farm only provides a physical address directly to it's customers, associated businesses, and necessary government entities who may require it. We'd like to keep our business local, personal and desire to remain out of the numerous online business directories. If you know our physical address, please do not publish it or share it publically on any social media.