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Hopsfield Farm Newaygo Michigan
A small scale, diversified, sustainable, organic farm


Hopsfield Farm produces hops for the Michigan craft beer industry. In addition to hops, Hopsfield also grows ginseng and offers other products & services allowed by the Michigan Right to Farm Act and Cottage Food Industry laws.

Our main goal is producing high quality organic hops, woods grown ginseng and farm produce in a diverse sustainable system with opportunities for hiring local labor. The farm features natural habitat areas for wildlife conservation and water quality.

Products and Services

The primary product is high quality hops sold to local micro breweries, hobby brewers and wholesale buyers. Retail sales to micro breweries/hobby brewers are in "plug" and "pellet" form. Wholesale orders are wet or dry whole "leaf hops" in full or half bales. The main varieties of hops grown are, Chinook, Cascade & Centennial. Other products and services include some or all of the following . . .

  • Roadside stand and farm market for sales of farm produce and cottage foods.
  • Home Beer Brewing Kit for small batches sold online and at the stand.
  • Fire Wood - for campfires, home heating, and for use in smokers/smoke houses.
  • Tourist Products - resale items & antiques, craft items, t-shirts and trinkets.
  • Animal feed (including deer bait), straw, and other farm & gardening products.
  • Nursery Sales - Potted plants featuring hops bines (and rhizomes), native grasses, wildflowers and trees.