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Don't invite ticks on your property
or in your home!
Ticks are blood sucking parasites that spread diseases to humans, pets and live stock.
Ticks carry these dangerous diseases;
Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Powassan encephalitis, Tularemia, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis,
and Ehrlichia muris.
Ticks are on the rise in Michigan.
Cases of tick-borne Lyme disease are up 500 percent in Michigan. Powassan is a viral disease with most cases occurring in the Northeast and Great Lakes region. Powassan causes long-term neurologic problems and has no specific treatment. It attacks the nervous system and can infect the brain causing encephalitis
and meningitis.
Limiting exposure to ticks is the best and most practical defense against contracting a tick related disease. Landscaping to reduce tick populations in your outdoor spaces is a pesticide free plan that, if maintained, will provide a permanent deterrent to tick infestation. Combined with limited pesticide use and other methods of pest control, landscaping to eliminate ticks is the most effective approach to controlling a tick problem.
Ticks are increasing and spreading across Michigan, but you can take steps to reduce them from around your home. Tick Evict Landscape Designs can help you take charge and fight against these hideous parasites. We offer an initial consultation to evaluate your tick problem and a basic landscaping plan with techniques to help keep them off your property. Our consultation includes a tick survey (including capturing live ticks) to identify the ticks and determine the level of infestation.
After the initial consultation and basic plan, we can create a detailed landscaping plan for use by the property owner or a professional landscaper.
The detailed plan will include; a scale diagram showing the changes to be made, placement of pest deterring plant beds, necessary soil types, growing conditions, and instructions for the planting and care of pest deterring plants.
Landscaping designs can be strictly for reducing ticks, can include plants for aesthetic beauty,
or can be for a useful herb and spice garden.
Tick Evict Landscape Designs charges $100 for the initial consultation and $50 per hour for a detailed landscaping plan. These fees are only charged for the time on the property or the time to develop the detailed plans. There is also a 15 cent per mile round trip fee for travel expenses. Actual landscaping will be the responsibility of the property owner. Six weeks after landscaping, we will do another tick survey for free. If the results are unsatisfactory, we will suggest revisions or other steps to reduce the tick population.
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